Radio & TV

Commercial Radio and TV are probably the most common sources of news and weather information.  They provide excellent, accurate and current information about the world around us.  These media outlets can be used for immediate notification of impending danger, such as tornado warnings and other severe weather messages.

Local radio stations with Lafayette County coverage include WQLJ-105.5, WMAV-90.3, WUMS-92.1, WOXD-95.5, WTNM-93.7 and KBUD-102.1. TV stations with Lafayette County coverage include WTVA -Channel 9 (Tupelo), WCBI-Channel 4 (Cloumbus), WMAV-TV Channel 18 (Jackson), WREG-Channel 3 (Memphis), WMC-Channel 5 (Memphis), WKNO- Chanel 10 (Memphis), WHBQ-Channel 13 (Memphis), WPTY – Channel- 24 (Memphis), WLMT- Channel 30 (Memphis).